My boyfriend and I took this class together.  Before we signed up we
researched many different options and this location offered the best prices and
the best times available to take the class. The idea of sitting through an 8 hour
class did not appeal to me nor did it work with my work schedule. Paul's class
allows you to break up your 16 hours into 2, 4, 6, or 8 hour classes. He also
provides individualized attention so you always feel like you're a part of the
class.  He's very thorough with the information provided and he makes the
class fun. If I had to do this class all over again I would go back and take it
with Paul.    
-Gina N.

Wow Paul is an awesome instructor. He is knowledgeable and professional.  
The classes are small so students get individualized attention. The flexibility of
the class times makes it convenient for fulfilling required hours even with the
busiest of schedules.

Also LADIES this is a place that you are Welcome! This is not a good old
boys class mentality.  Women are made to feel comfortable and treated with
respect. They are encouraged to be conceal carriers to protect themselves and
their families.  

Don't be too shy or intimidated and give Paul's class a try you won't regret it.
By the way he has also started a self defense classes that includes using pepper
spray instead of a gun in case your a little uneasy about carrying a loaded
weapon at the present time. But I have a feeling once you've taken the class
with Paul you might want to return and take his conceal class.

I know I look forward to returning to sit in on his classes for updates and
additional guidance when I purchase a new weapon or feel I need some extra
review, which by the way he welcomes @ no charge! Unlike the only poor
review this business ever got, Paul is NOT ABOUT THE MONEY. His is  
passionate about educating people about the correct way to handling a weapon
and the importance of protecting our right to bear arms as an American
-Mariann B.

Take this class! Very knowledgeable and Paul is a great instructor! He's very
flexible and is always willing to accommodate you! You won't be
-Julie B.

Paul is extremely flexible with hours and this was the main pulling point for me.
I was recommended by another student and wasn't disappointed. Fun,
hands-on, thorough training is what you can find here. Clean and comfortable
classroom environment. Will refer to all. Highly suggest checking Illinois Protect
and Conceal for all your learning needs. Myriad of training available.    
-Steven C.

I recently took this class and highly recommend it. Paul is an amazing instructor
and goes above and beyond to answer any question and is very detailed and
informative. He makes you feel at home and is very knowledgeable.
He took his time and explained several self defense techniques. Overall this
class was more than I had expected. I am recommending him to all my Friends
and family. Thanks Paul!    -
Omar Z.

Started my conceal and carry class on a Thursday and finished the following
Tuesday evening at the range. Paul gave me eight hours credit for prior military
training and also a generous discount. Both course material and the instruction
were very professional. Even though I have had pistol training, Paul was able to
make several corrections in my shooting technique. During the practice session
for qualification, I noticed the rounds starting to drift. Paul suggested changing
my trigger finger placement and sure enough the rounds were then on target. I
was overwhelmed when I started my permit application and Paul was able to
guide me through all the red tape. Cant thank Paul enough for a great
experience and all the extra help.  -
Eugene F.

Great Instructor and class room curriculum. Very detailed and thorough
throughout the 16 hour course. Paul was both patient and flexible when it came
to completing the mandatory time. Great overall list of topics that also included
valuable defensive and personal training that not only supplemented the material
but also enforced good fundamentals and "real life" scenarios. I am looking
forward in sitting in on some of his classes sometime in the near future as to
refresh that what I have learned.  -
Oniver G.

Simply excellent instructor. I have over thirty years of firearm experience and
figured I'd just jump through the hoops and get my time in for my permit. I got
way more than that. Paul made me a better shooter. He has an acute eye and
knows who needs the extra attention and who may not. He makes the long
hours fun and very educational. His attention to detail is superb. Great for
anyone from zero experience to decades like me. This is the place to go. I
cannot recommend him any higher!  -
Nicholous H.

The instructor was knowledgeable and very hands-on. Having had prior
training, I still learned a lot about my own practices. His insistence on going
through the law portion was extremely helpful. As an added bonus, you can
return for a refresher at no charge. All in all, well worth the time and the
money.  -
Guy I.

Great instructor, loved the class and will definitely follow up and start the 2nd
-Leo R.

Paul, the owner and instructor of IPAC, is a hidden resource in an anti-gun city
and a fraction of the price when compared to other big gun training facilities in
other states.
I took my concealed carry class with Paul back in February and it was just a
great experience.  The classroom setting is very comfortable and Paul goes out
of his way to make sure that you understand the material.  We covered all the
laws associated with concealed carry and then he made sure to break down
the legal jargon so that normal people could understand what each important
item in the statutes meant.  Paul has a colorful way of breaking things down and
you will definitely leave his class understanding what you can and cannot do as
a concealed carry license holder.  And if you don't, he gives you all of his
contact info so that you can reach out to him in case you think of anything you
didn't cover in class.
One of the reasons I had to give Paul five stars, though, is that he gets you out
of your seat (literally) and makes you practice real scenarios that you might
come across in a concealed carry situation.  You'd be surprised at how rusty or
bad you are at drawing and firing on the move until you actually practice it.  I'm
a former infantry Marine and I was incredibly rusty with the dry fire exercises, it
is absolutely a perishable skill if you do not practice, which is why I was happy
to get out of my seat and work on those drills.
Getting out of your seat for this class was huge for me because I know for a
fact there are instructors out there who simply drone on about law and go over
all the theory, but do little to practice this theory.  Another big reason Paul gets
five stars from me is that he does some thinking outside the box scenarios in
which he'll verbally surprise you with a hypothetical situation, or he'll actually
conduct a hypothetical situation, and expect you to react how you would in a
real life scenario.  My brother went through Paul as well and he said there were
some surprising reactions when Paul broke out these scenarios with these guys.
Finally, one thing I loved about the qualification aspect of the concealed carry
training is that Paul will give you the option (at least he did for my brother and
I) to do the qualification and then, time permitting, you will get a chance to go
down range and do some close fire exercises and and actually do some of the
stuff you were practicing in the classroom.  If you choose to do some of the
close fire exercises, you will first qualify and then go down range to do the
close fire exercises.
IPAC also offers other training which could be used in both professional and
personal life and I highly recommend you check them out and support a local
business, you won't be disappointed!  -
Steve H.

Paul is very knowledgeable and has a lot of patience. I highly recommend his
program.  -
Franklin H.

Paul is a passionate gifted teacher!  If you so happen to choose his classes, you
will discover that some one upstairs was smiling on you.  He does what he
does not just for you, but for the sake of generating responsible concealed gun
carry owners for all of us.  If you want to sit in class watching videos, please
don't wast your time here.  This is for people that really want to understand
what they are getting into with concealed carry.  The classes are engaging,
demanding and enlightening.  Paul works with you to accommodate your
schedule.  Wow, a person that really get the idea of customer service.
All the sessions are broken down into 2 hour increments. We all have time
commitments, he works with you days and evenings.  I thank God I stumbled
into Paul as a teacher, I truly feel fortunate.  You will too, if make him your
-Eric H.

Great class given by Paul, an authentic firearms instructor who's passionate
about training students correctly with real life scenarios including live fire
exercises. These are stay awake and learn classes. Nothing boring here. If
you're serious about training and learning the up to date gun laws necessary for
effective conceal carry and protection, look no further. Classes can be tailored
according to your schedule. All this at a price you won't find anywhere else.  
-JA R.

Great instructor and great course. Learned a lot and had fun at the same time!!
Teaches you skills for real life situations as well as the legal aspect of conceal
carry. Would definitely recommend!!!  
-Peter K.

Paul is the coolest dude and knows his stuff. Super friendly and learned a lot.  
-Harris K.

The best Conceal carry class in state!!!  Top instructor and he will go extra
mile just for you.  Thank u Paul.  -
James C.

I was in that class this morning and I just want to thank you Paul for giving me
the confidence to pass the live fire!!!! Anyone who takes Paul's class will
definitely not regret it!!!  
-Lisa K.

I just completed my classroom hrs here and am very happy with the instruction
I received. I am confident I learned skills not being taught elsewhere. The
instructor Paul is very knowledgeable and makes the time fly by! Thanks
-Lisa R.

Father and I went around looking at multiple places. Found this, price isn't bad
at all. I learned 100 times more than I would learn if I went to a different place.
100% recommend to anyone. A lot of individual attention.  -

This was an amazing class that clearly went ABOVE AND BEYOND the
basic lawful necessities for getting your CCL. Paul uses lots of hands on
demonstrations and really livens up the boring law part. He is funny and caters
to his audience. He is honest and forthcoming and seriously knows his stuff
inside and out. Thank you, Paul!! We will be recommending you to everyone
we know!!  
-Nikki C.

Just finished the 2 day course.....The Instructor, Paul is absolutely
No videos.... All "hands on" discussions, and complete discussions about every
aspect to The Illinois Concealed Carry Law.....In this class, Paul will
SAFE....ALSO, the class is a lot smaller, than many of the Larger Commercial
Classes that are taught, at Large Gun Stores, and such.....The
result....Individualized Results...For anyone, Male or Female, looking to get the
Illinois Concealed ,Carry Permit, while truly learning the course, I strongly
recommend this class.....I'm giving it 5 Stars, cause that's all there is to give....  
Joe D.

Instructor Goes above and beyond what you would normally be taught. Hands
on training to prepare you. Already recommended friends and family to go to
there.  -
Joey C.

I reluctantly had to consider giving up on my CCL for a while due to my work
schedule before I found Illinois Protect and Conceal. Paul goes out of his way
to ensure everyone has an opportunity to attend his class. I was anticipating a
boring 16 hours of lecture and video. Instead, I was greeted with hands on
training, tactics, and a clear understanding of the law that has left me confident
in my right, and ability, to carry and protect my family. It was evident Paul
cares more about the people in his class retaining this information than just
putting on a movie, collecting a payment, and sending you on your way. Very
hard to find. I have, and will continue to recommend Paul, and Illinois Protect
and Conceal to anyone willing to listen.  -
Brian W.

Just finished taking the classroom portion, and the training was great. Instructor
was very knowledgeable and the hands on was great. I can't wait to see what's
in store for us at the range! I highly recommend you taking this class. The only
one missing out would be you!  -
Jim F.

I just completed the 2 day conceal carry class room portion of the class &
there was never a dull moment. Paul, the instructor kept the attendants involved
& interaction was instrumental.  
-Thomas H.

Top Notch! Paul is an awesome instructor, and leaves no stone unturned. All
class members work as a team asking questions, reviewing material, working
through drills and mock scenarios that will open your eyes wide to the
responsibilities a CCL candidate will face. Great class, I highly recommend
taking this one.  -
Mitchell T.

Very informative , casual setting. I felt very comfortable. Was not intimidated
or made to feel self conscious. Thanks Paul :-)  -
Caryn M.

This class is awesome the price is fair the instructor Paul has a great knowledge
of what the law requires for you to carry a conceal weapon & the hands on
training is awesome along with the proper tactics on using your weapon so if
your looking to get your conceal carry license i truly recommend coming here
its really worth it.  
-Jose C. Jr.

Paul was very knowledgeable and went well above what the curriculum
required. I recommend this class for all that need the requirements to obtain a
-Adam A.

The instructor is very knowledgeable and makes sitting in class entertaining
instead of your usual boring lecture.  Time seemed to fly by.  Paul is willing to
go above and beyond the states minimum requirement.  I felt very comfortable
in the class environment.  I highly recommend spending your time and money
with Illinois Protect and Conceal.  
-Frank A.

Great staff and amazing instructor!  I really learned so much about my firearm
and the law.  I would definitely recommend this class to everyone!  I will also
continue my training with Illinois Protect and Conceal!  Thanks guys!  
-Fred L.

Best school you can go to, the instructor was knowledgeable and the training
was good.  
-Matt H.

Took the classes last weekend, I was anxious to get it done.  I have a full
schedule plus family and kids.  Their office is close to my house and Paul was
very accommodating with class times.  If you are thinking  about getting CCW,
I would definitely recommend IPAC.  -
Will R.

Great class, it was very helpful.  Training was spot on.  Not boring at all like
some classes can be, we had a lot of hands on training and I would recommend
to any of my friends or anybody looking to get their CCL.  Thanks Paul.  
Mark H.

Courteous and professional staff.  A fantastic option for your training
requirement.  Highly recommended.  -
Karl H.

Instructor is experienced in many aspects of tactical shooting as well as
defensive handgun maneuvers.  From driving home the basics to advanced
tactics, they have the ability to cater a program to your current skills and add to
them.  Novices and experts alike will get their moneys worth from this program
because of the individual attention all the while serving the purpose of qualifying
for your CCL.  Great job!  
-Paul H.

Great training!!!  -Elmer Y.

Close to home!  -Jeremy K.                                                         
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Classes start at 10AM. Please contact us at 847-975-4355 and we will be happy to speak with you if you have any questions and to schedule your class. Our doors open 5 minutes prior to your scheduled class. We are conveniently located near the CTA blue line with easy access to public transportation. We are 2 minutes from the Northwest Suburbs and there is plenty of free street parking. Classes fill up quickly, so give us a call or stop by today!